Catering finest quality of goods like Cassia Gum Powder, Dwarkesh Cassia Splits, Cassia Meal, etc.


Catering finest quality of goods like Cassia Gum Powder, Dwarkesh Cassia Splits, Cassia Meal, etc.
About Us

We, Dwarkesh Industries, have been playing a major role in the animal husbandry sector by fulfilling the requirement for Animal Feed Supplement. Many decades ago, in the year 1983, we had commenced our operations as a manufacturer and supplier of a broad selection including Cassia Tora Gum Splits, Dwarkesh Cassia Splits, Cassia Meal, Cassia Tora Seeds and various others. For the production of our range, we make use of the best machinery and ensure these are properly cleaned from time to time. Moreover, to present our goods in the market, we target the most prospective customers and adhere to ethical business ways while dealing with them. Overall, with a quality-oriented product range and our moral business values, we have gained the trust of many customers today.

Quality Assurance

In a production based company, one of its most crucial considerations is quality assurance, which not only makes it impress customers but also improves its business profitability. In a similar manner, we constantly ensure best quality in our goods. We have established a set of well-structured approaches that are also behind the growth of our business. The following are different strategies that best represent our quality focused ways: 

  • We use the most innovative technologies in the processing of our goods.
  • We are always working to offer the best quality of products to the customers.
  • We execute various quality tests to assure the finest quality in our range.
  • We ensure all the goods are packed in good quality of packaging.


The main strength of our company, Dwarkesh Industries, is our team of professionals which utilizes its full potential to enhance the productivity. They all are various experts from the industry who we recruit in our company only after proper evaluations and assessments. As per their expertise and skills, their respective roles in the company are provided which they execute with utmost determination and perfection. Our team always carries out a deep research of the industry and comes up with new variety of products like Dwarkesh Cassia Splits, Cassia Tora Seeds, Cassia Tora Gum Splits, Cassia Meal, etc. Once the production of such exclusive goods is completed, our team of quality testers performs different quality checks so that the clients receive the best from us.

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